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About STPT

Who are we and what do we do?

I am a discretionary technical trader who has developed several technically based trading methods such as my DEMAC trend following technique, my Range Change Ratio (RCR) technique, my Annual Risk Expectancy (ARE) model and who has demonstrated for over a decade how my non-traditional application of the stochastic indicator is a highly reliable momentum indicator. All these techniques have been back tested and shown to work on the Australian stock market (ASX) since 2006. I share my technical and psychological approach with you through two books and offer small group workshop training sessions.

My articles on my trading techniques and on trader psychology have been published on various websites and in newsletters such as Daryl Guppy's Tutorials Newsletter.

I hold a degree in Psychology from Deakin University.

I offer a lot of free education on this website and via my twitter account. But some things (such as videos) are reserved for those who become a subscriber to our mailing list. We automatically add you to that list when you buy one or both of our books as either a hard copy or as a PDF. 

The internet is awash with spruikers telling you that they can help you learn to trade. Sure, some of them can. In truth, most of them can't. Ask yourself, how many of them show you near-to-real-time trades so that you can see their trading method in action and how many of them provide the actual (or potential) profit or loss that comes from the methods or techniques being demonstrated? There are not that many of us out there.

I make losses. Anyone who tells you they don't, is lying....or not trading for real. I don't routinely make more than 50% per year. I am not offering you the holy grail. I simply demonstrate how you can successfully apply my techniques in the Australian stock market. 

I do not subscribe to the random-walk theory. I would argue that there is some structure in the markets which allow us to track, monitor and exploit human behaviour as it is reflected in stock prices. This is the starting viewpoint that you get in both my books.

This website and our twitter account @asxstpt, offers an educational supplement to anyone wishing to learn to trade stocks. Specifically, all trading examples are designed as an educational supplement for those who have bought and read our books. We offer additional trading examples in near-to-real-time so that these people can see our techniques applied in current market conditions and to help them learn how to apply our techniques in up-to-date examples. The trading techniques discussed in our books and on this website are applied in Australian market conditions, using stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).



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